Hiking in Estepona is one of the best ways to enjoy its landscapes. However, finding the best trails isn’t always easy. To assist you, we’ve selected the top 11 hiking trails in Estepona. Find yours and head out to explore. At Haro Rent A Car, we have a fleet of SUVs and off-road vehicles suitable for reaching your destination.



1. Pico Los Reales from Loma del Infierno in Sierra Bermeja (Málaga)

Starting from Loma del Infierno, the route involves ascending Pico Los Reales (1,452 m) from the Estepona side, passing through the heads of the Arroyos del Infierno and del Abrón, linking with the Paseo de los Pinsapos and the Sendero Los Realillos, ultimately reaching the summit of Pico Los Reales. The descent is towards Mirador de Salvador Guerrero, then following the firebreak path of Loma de Palomino, Arroyo de la Cala, and the forest track that will take us back to the starting point. This route is located in the Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja Natural Area.

This route completes the trilogy of possible ascents to Los Reales via trails from its three natural slopes, accessed from Casares, Genalguacil, and Estepona.

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2. Rio Padron – Mini Circular (Estepona, Malaga)

A water route that takes us this time to the southern slope of Sierra Bermeja, this time to visit the Río Padrón or Padrón River. The topography of the Padrón River is similar to that of the nearby rivers Castor and Guadalmansa. This river originates in Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja and flows very close to Punta del Castor.

As an interesting fact, it is worth mentioning that the course of the Padrón River traverses the red lands originating from the decomposition of peridotites, giving these mountains their reddish color.

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3. The Pinsapos Pass and Los Reales Integral

The popular route known as the Pinsapos Walk is a linear trail that wanders through the world’s only pinsapar forests growing on peridotites.

The 750 meters of trail along the Pinsapos Walk have a well-defined layout but an irregular surface, typical of the terrain it traverses, with constant ascents, descents, steps, and rocks. After crossing a short bridge over the Algarrobo Gorge, the walk ends at a place known as the square, where a poem by Federico García Lorca adorns a mural.

4. The Fuente del Porrejón Trail

The Fuente del Porrejón Trail is a linear route with very low difficulty that visits the Fuente del Porrejón, passing through dense forests of resin pine that played an important role in Estepona’s economy, especially in the early 20th century, with the exploitation of these forest masses by the Unión Resinera Española to obtain resin, which had a factory in the municipality.

The Fuente del Porrejón is mentioned in the journals of the naturalist Simón de Rojas Clemente Rubio, who, in October 1809, visited Sierra Bermeja as part of a trip through the Kingdom of Granada (the present provinces of Málaga, Granada, and Almería).

An ideal route for a family outing where your children can enjoy the environment in a simple and natural way.

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5. Padrón Beach – Otter Pond

Try this 14.3 km round trip trail near Estepona, Málaga. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete. This trail is ideal for hiking.

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