Cadiz is one of the essential cities to visit in the province of Andalusia. Known for it’s impressive historic centre full of monuments, endless beaches and viewpoints that leave you speechless. Cadiz is one of those cities that you must visit at least once in your life and what better way to do it than by renting a car at Haro Rent A Car car rental.

At Haro Car we want to bring you good activities to do during your visit to this wonderful city.

1. Take a walk around Paseo Marítimo

A good place to start your visit to Cadiz is on its amazing promenade that surrounds the historic centre while allowing you to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. Something that makes this city special is that it is located on a beautiful coast. That perfect combination of history and the beautiful sound of crashing waves make this tour unique.

From its promenade you will be able to appreciate beautiful beaches, as well as historical towers and the view of the cathedral domes.

2. Visit the Cathedral

In the oldest neighbourhood of the city, the Pópulo, is this majestic Cathedral, with a beautiful combination of baroque and neoclassical styles topped by a dome of golden tiles that shines during sunny days and stands out against a sea of ​​white houses.

This impressive construction invites us to visit each of its parts in detail and climb to its highest point, the Clock Tower. The ascent is very easy and the visual reward is great. An impressive panoramic view of the city and the cathedral itself.

3. Enjoy the views from Torre Tavira

The Tavira Tower boasts of having the best views of the entire city. It is 45 meters above sea level, the highest point of the old city. It’s hight made it the official watchtower of the city in 1778 and even today it continues to offer spectacular 360° views of the entire city. There you can also enjoy the Camera Obscura, a pioneering tourist attraction that projects a living and moving image of what is happening outside at that very moment.

4. Enjoy sunset from La Caleta beach

One of the best places to go in Cádiz, located in the historic centre and sheltered by two great fortresses, La Caleta beach is one of the best beaches to enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

Andalusia has a special light, because of this the coast of Cádiz is known as “Costa de la Luz”. There is no more magical moment than sunset, nor a better place to do it than on this beach.

5. Visit Pópulo neighbourhood

The Barrio del Pópulo, located at the entrance to the historic quarter, between the Town Hall and the Cathedral, is the oldest neighbourhood to visit in Cádiz. Its true medieval nucleus, whose origin dates back to the 13th century, places it on this list of places to visit in this beautiful city.

The neighbourhood has three entrance arches, the Arco de la Rosa, with its machicolations; the Arco del Pópulo, located under the chapel of the same name and of which the interior curvature stands out, which is a tumid pointed arch; and the Arco de Los Blancos, where the chapel of the Virgin was located.

Its small cobbled streets are full of bars where you can have tapas and go out at night.



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