Visiting a white spanish town like Ojen means getting to know the landscapes around the area of  Sierra de las Nieves, walking through cozy streets, discovering aspects of its cultural heritage and much more. However, it is not easy to find the best advice, we have selected the best activities to do in Ojen to help you.  Find the one that fits you the most and start exploring.  At Haro Rent A Car we have a fleet of SUVs perfect to reach your desirable destination during your holidays in Costa del Sol.

1. Visit the natural area around Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park

Visiting the surroundings of Ojen will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and to get to know part of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park. This environment is worth visiting as it contains typical Mediterranean forest vegetation, and it has privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea.

To do this, there are series of hiking trails that you can take and thus discover everything that Ojen hides. Furthermore, there are two that you cannot ignore since these routes belong to two stages of the Great Path of Malaga, which connect Ojén with another municipality.

Marbella – Ojen (Stage 31): consists of a linear path 17 km long and a medium level of difficulty. It starts on the beaches of Marbella, ascending towards Ojen through the Pinar de Nagüeles in Sierra Blanca. This route with numerous ups and downs, surroeund the Pico de la Concha from where you can see Gibraltar.

Ojén – Mijas (Stage 32): this path has a medium-high difficulty, so it is recommended to take extra precautions. It consists of a 50.4km linear path that begins by tracing an arc from Ojén to Coín through a natural corridor located between Sierra Canucha, on  the north, and Sierra Alpujata, on the south. On the way to the mountains of Mijas this route becomes steeper but it never ceases to amaze with the spectacular landscapes that can be seen and enjoyed.

Finally, Sendero Ojén – Juanar – Monda (GR-243) that joins the towns of Ojén and Monda passing through one of the most beautiful and emblematic places of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park. This trail is linear and it is about 17.7 km long with a medium level of difficulty.

2. Visit its museums

A good way to get to know the culture and traditions of this welcoming town is by visiting its museums that are related to two iconic products of this municipality.

The Museum of the Oil Mill, which is date from the year 1800, and consist in an old mill completely restored with its original machinery. This offers a sample of how the oil was extracted in those times. It is normally launched a demonstration to its visitors.

The Aguardiente Museum pays homage to Ojen’s brandy, which is world-renowned. In the stills of this museum the brandy was made from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. The famous painter Pablo Picasso portrayed it in his painting “Spanish Still Life” and some famous writers included it in his novels. The museum has a series of information panels with the history of the liquor and the legend behind it. Much of the material on display in the museum has been donated by the residents of Ojen.

3. Visit Ojen on traditional celebrations dates

In Ojén you can enjoy the beauty of the municipality, along with the tradition and good atmosphere of some of its celebrations. To do this, you must arrange your visit during one of the holidays throughout the year. Below you can find a brief list of some of the most picturesque festivals to visit the town:

Ojeando festival: during the first weekend of July and it is one of the most important independent music festivals in the province of Malaga. About 15,000 music-loving visitors visit the town to enjoy it. The performances take place in the beautiful corners of the town and it has 4 stages.

Castillo del Cante Flamenco Festival: held on the first weekend of August, it is one of the oldest and most outstanding festivals in the province of Malaga. All the great flamenco legends have passed through it.

Fair of San Dionisio: celebrated on October 9 in honor of San Dionisio, patron saint of Ojén, in the town square where all the events take place. In this fair you can enjoy the local gastronomy



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