Córdoba is a beautiful Andalusian city located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, which one falls in love with upon arrival. One day in Cordoba is not enough to visit this magnificent city of ancient Al-Andalus, which was the former capital of the Umayyad Caliphate and one of the most powerful cities of its time. Nevertheless, it is possible to visit the monuments and sites of Cordoba in a single day, by getting up early and walking through the beautiful flowery streets to enjoy the best of Cordoba’s capital. What better way to visit than renting a car at Haro Rent A Car.




1. Roman Bridge of Cordoba

If you are driving, you can park on the other side of the river, in the streets near the Calahorra Tower, and from there cross the Roman Bridge to begin your triumphant walk. A beautiful walk that will take you to the Mosque of Cordoba. The viewpoint of the Calahorra Tower, a museum of al-Andalus, can be climbed to get a good view of the city.

2. Mosque of Cordoba

The jewel of Cordoba is without a doubt the mosque-cathedral,  you will fall in love with its architectural beauty. A cathedral in a mosque, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the two religions are mixed in an amazing way, to say the least. Climb the bell tower for great views of the mosque-cathedral and the city.

3. Palace of the Counts of Viana

Palace of the Counts of Viana

A must in Cordoba to visit a 15th century palace with 12 beautiful courtyards (also at Christmas), a garden and its interior. Although the Palacio de Viana looks austere from the outside with its simple white walls, it houses the most important and best preserved mansion in Cordoba and one of the most important in Spain. It combines in one place the greatest concentration of patios in the city and a house-palace full of furniture, works of art, heritage and history gathered over five centuries.

4. Alcazar of Cordoba

This is where the Catholic kings had their court in the 15th century, before the conquest of Granada. It houses amazing archaeological collections dating back to Roman times. A visit to Córdoba is a must, because every day at 8:30 pm, you can watch a light and water show. A spectacular monument that has been crossed by Romans, Muslims and Christian kings.

5. The Jewish Neighbourhood

This is a neighborhood that can be fully enjoyed by visiting the emblematic places of the neighborhood and the city. You can visit Judá Levi Square and Maimónides Square, where the Bullfighting Museum is located. The Jewish street leads to the Tibiriades square, where the memory of the doctor and philosopher Maimonides is honored and where, a few meters above, the beautiful Jewish synagogue is located. Don’t miss Calle de las flores and Calleja del pañuelo, some of the most popular streets in Cordoba.


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