The province has 260 kilometers of coastline and 138 kilometers of beaches: coves, inlets, sandy beaches of several kilometers. There are beaches full of history such as Trafalgar, where the famous battle took place, and movie beaches such as La Caleta, where scenes from the movie Agent 007 were filmed. The beaches are ideal for windsurfing; underwater fishing is very popular. In total, there are 74 different beaches. What better way to visit than renting a car at Haro Rent A Car.


Discover the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz


1- Camaron Beach

Discover the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz

This beach of golden sands and moderate waves has the Blue Flag distinction for its waters and the wide range of services. It is located on a landscape of dunes, which along with its vegetation has been declared a protected area.

It is common to see chameleons in the dunes and, in fact, near the access to the beach, about 50 meters, is the interpretation center of the chameleon, an attraction if you go with your children.

The conservation of this system is of great importance, so there are fenced areas, elevated walkways and information panels whose aim is to preserve this environment, thus preserving the natural values and species.

2- Levante Beach

Discover the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz. Playa Levante

It is almost 5 km long and ends at the mouth of the San Pedro River, ideal for a long walk very pleasant as it is not a beach with slopes.

It is perfect for activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and other water sports. There are also yoga workshops for meditation and relaxation enthusiasts. If you are looking for tranquility and calm, this is the ideal beach.

The Levante beach has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Bay and from which you can see the docks and the city wall of Cadiz.

3- Palmar Beach

Discover the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz. Palmar beach in cadiz

The Palmar beach is an excellent beach about 8 km long and an average width of about 50m. Its sand is fine and golden and its waters are very clean. It is not very crowded during the non-festive days of the summer. On Saturdays and Sundays there are usually more people, but being a beach away from population centers, it is not crowded.

The beach of El Palmar is a windy beach, with fine sand, gentle waves and crystal clear, shallow waters, which makes it a favorite of surfers in the area. A very quiet beach to spend a few days with the family, with children or with your partner enjoying a unique and cozy space, an almost virgin environment.

4- Los Alemanes Beach

Discover the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz. Alemanes beach in cadiz

Beach of fine golden sand and crystal clear waters, it is ideal for both summer and calm walks through it at other times of the year. We can define it as semi-urban, because although close to the urbanization Atlanterra and with beautiful houses dotting the mountainside that reaches the sea, some of them luxury villas, has no promenade and has a very natural beauty, almost wild.

5- Los Lances Beach

Discover the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz. Los lances beach in cadiz

The southernmost beach in Europe, annexed to the town of Tarifeña, is one of the most frequented and with the largest number of services in the municipality. Its landscape is marked by the presence of the Isla de las Palomas with its fortifications to the south, and is embellished with the profile of the silhouette of the African continent in the background. In the months of April, May and June you can see the traps in front of the beach.

The Isla de las Palomas has always been an enclave of maritime interest, both nautical and defensive. Numerous cultures populated this settlement, until it became what it is today. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Muslims and Christians have passed through the island leaving their mark. Finally in 1808 the island was joined to the mainland by the construction of a road.

6- Bolonia Beach

Discover the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz. Bolonia beach in cadiz

Bolonia, in Tarifa, is one of the last unspoiled beaches in southern Spain and is located in a place of great natural beauty and historical interest. Magnificent golden sands and blue waters, of an intense color and very transparent, are two of the reasons that make this beach one of the best on the coast of Cadiz. But there are more reasons that make Bolonia an essential beach.

If to all the above we add the possibility of enjoying the magnificent ruins of Baelo Claudia, a virgin environment, beautiful dunes and all the services, we realize that this beach has all the best. Do not miss a visit to the Roman city of Baelo Claudia, whose origin dates back to the late second century BC. Really interesting archaeological site and a way to combine beach and culture.



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